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Sandwell Well-being Award



Mental health and wellbeing are important to everyone. When you feel good, it’s easier to work and learn, and to enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Your child’s school has been awarded the Sandwell Charter Mark for Wellbeing.

This award is presented in recognition of their whole school approach and commitment to supporting and developing the mental health and wellbeing of staff, pupils, and parents. A whole school audit took place to gather the views of parents/carers, staff, and pupils in relation to the following principles that Public Health England (2021) reported contribute to mentally healthy schools: -



The senior leadership team planned changes and then the audit was completed again to see if these changes had improved the way that pupils, school staff and parents/carers felt. Some of the things that your child’s school changed included:

  • Training children to become ‘mental health champions’ Inviting in speakers to talk to parents about mental health
  • Introduced the ‘worry monster’ to offer a space for children to share their worries in the classroom
  • Introduced ‘Seesaw’ as a parent-staff communication app
  • Reinstated face-to-face parents evenings
  • Recruited a family support worker


This first graph shows Broad Oak’s scores before the action plan and the second graph shows the scores after staff implemented changes.



Blue shows the highest rating a school can achieve and means the school has gone to ex-emplary efforts and there is sound evidence that any changes school has made have had a clear impact on wellbeing.


Some of the things that staff said:

‘I feel very comfortable in my surroundings and have always found my managers to be accommodating of my needs.’

‘As a school we always have the children's needs at the centre of what we do.’

Some of the things pupils said:

‘The way that we learn and how they teach us is important to me.’

‘What makes me feel important is that when I come to school, I see my friends playing with me.’

Some of the things parents/carers said:

I have seen my son progress a lot. Our children spend so much time here and they help parents to know more about their child.

‘...they get to know each child, every one is catered for… my son might respond to something differently than someone else’s child and they get to know them and the way that they work. It’s individualised for each child and the needs that they might have.’

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