School Council

Broad Oak's School Councillors 2016/ 2017


6K: Isaac 6P: Sam & Tahrin 6S: Amber
5B: Amaan   5H: Kaydie   5S: Amina
4B: Fatima 4H: Simrah  
3J: Sadya 3R: Niamh  3T: Owen
2C: Louisa   2H: Yvie   2S: Hawraa


Our aims:

  1. Make the School Improvement Plan child-friendly and introduce it into the classrooms;
  2. Help Mr Corteen introduce the child-friendly School Improvement Plan in an assembly;
  3. Visit the Houses of Parliament to learn and understand how democracy works;
  4. Meet the local Councillor - James Wilson. To see how Broad Oak School Council can link with community efforts;
  5. Organise Red Nose Day 2017.


September 2016 - January 2017

The School Improvement Plan

Our priority at the beginning of the academic year was to allow pupils to access the School Improvement Plan and understand why we have it and how it can help our learning. We worked together as a team to create child-friendly objectives and illustrations to go with them. We voted for the best images and objectives as a group and then created our School Improvement Plan poster. 


Please see image below:


March 2017

Meeting Councillor James Wilson

In March were were very excited to have our local councillor as our guest speaker. We prepared questions for him and listened to what he had to say about his role and responsibilities around Didsbury. 

This experience was brilliant. We spent 2 hours with James discussing what he liked about the role and what he wished to improve about it. We discussed housing, both council and private, as well as councillor duties such as dealing with complaints and any issues surrounding keeping the area safe and clean. We also went on to discuss how councillors are elected and what that process entails, we also discussed the different political parties and how that links in with becoming a councillor. 

We looked at how our School Council can link in with the wide council panel in Didsbury, we discussed inviting James to future meetings involving the community and possibly litter picking opportunities around Broad Oak Lane. James focused on the importance of good communication between councillors and having the ability to listen to others is vital when working as part of a team. 

When James had finished we realised, as a council, that we needed to listen to each other more, which will help us become more of an effective and active group. 

We look forward to inviting James to future meetings. 


April 2017

Our visit to The Houses of Parliament!

We were lucky enough to get intouch with the MP for Manchester Withington - Jeff Smith. He was able to get us a Members Tour into the Houses of Parliament, where we were allowed access to the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 

We caught a very early train to London from Manchester at 6.15am and arrived in London at 8.30am. We took the tube and then walked to the Houses of Parliament, passing Big Ben and other Parliament buildings on route. Whilst we were in the HOP, we had a guide who was extremely knowledgable about the Royal Family and the history of Parliament, both adults and children found this extremely informative. We all asked a lot of questions and were amazed by the traditions in Parliament that have lasted for so many years. We found that all of the paintings within Parliament held a lot of meaning and symbolised the celebrations and commisorations of British History. 

After our tour we had a picnic in St James' Park and then went into the National Art Gallery to look at a selection of paintings from Monet and Van Gogh. Feeling exhausted, we arrived back at Manchester Piccadilly at 5:30pm. 

This was a fantastic trip out and we felt that we had a lot to reflect upon and had learnt a great deal to help us make our School Council a success. 

The images below sum up our experience. 





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