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As we approach the re-opening of our school in September we would like to reassure everyone that we will be following all government guidance on keeping children and staff safe on their return.

As you are aware, school has remained open throughout the pandemic to provide places for the children of key workers and vulnerable children. We have so far had no recorded cases of COVID 19 among our school community of staff and children. We understand that this has been, and continues to be, a very worrying time for many people, and as we are preparing to take this next step we will be relying on the trust, co-operation and good will of all our families and staff.

These are our guiding principles in the plans we have made so far and, in this ever-changing situation, our plans will be reviewed regularly to ensure that we are doing everything we can to comply with current guidance to keep everyone safe:


  1. Safety is paramount – COVID 19 presents the biggest risk we have seen in many years. Health and hygiene routines such as regular hand-washing, social distancing and intense cleaning have been set out in detail in our current risk assessment. Your children will be invited into school in small, socially isolated “bubbles” to reduce social contact with larger numbers of children or adults.

  2. Good communication between school and families and school and staff is essential to make sure everyone knows what to do at all times. For those unable to attend school we will be in contact regularly to provide help and advice about our distance learning programmes such as Seesaw and Zoom.
  3. Health, wellbeing and personal, social and emotional development will be our first priority as children return after being at home for many weeks. We will be planning activities that allow the children to talk about their experiences and form a better understanding of the situation we are facing together.
  4. Education and the wider curriculum will be planned to take account of the time children have missed in school and to help them to prepare for the next steps ahead.


These principles have been our starting point in applying all the guidance and advice we have reviewed so far, from the government, the local authority, the unions and the experiences of schools in other countries.

We have uploaded a letter from Manchester Local Authority, our school risk assessment and our action plan for September in order to help you and your child prepare for the return to school.

We welcome your comments, questions and feedback to ensure that everyone feels safe in the next phase of our re-opening.


Please see our video of school outlining the changes made for September.




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