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What’s going on this week? Monday 10th February 2020

Nike Vaporfly trainers, which have revolutionised running allowing runners to break world marathon records, have been given the green light by World Athletics.

In a long-awaited ruling the World Athletics, who are the sport’s governing body, confirmed that Nike Vaporflys, which cost £240 and can improve marathon times by one-to-two minutes in elite athletes, are legally allowable despite many in the sport accusing the shoes of providing a huge advantage for runners. 


Things to talk about at home…

Do you feel better taking part in sport in some clothes or shoes more than others?

Which ones?

Do you think the Nike trainers should be banned if they are proven to make people run faster?

If the Nike trainers are banned for professional athletes for making things unfair, should they be banned for everyone else too?



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